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Cost / Price Volumes

Our pricing experts are senior-level cost and price analysts. They have proficiency and expertise in Excel price / cost models for simple RFQs to complex cost/price volumes. Our experts can create staffing estimates tied to solicitation performance work statements and they can estimate materials, supplies, tools, and equipment necessary to support contract operations. We have expertise with DCAA/DCMA cost volume audits, forward pricing strategies, and indirect cost pool development. 

  • CONUS/OCONUS Cost / Price Volumes
  • Analysis of Contract Pricing Requirements
  • Compliance with FAR and DCAA/DCMA Requirements
  • Teaming Partner and Joint Venture Guidance
  • Analysis of Competition
  • Cost/Price Volume Narrative and Pricing Rationale
  • Excel Price Model and Complete Pricing of Contract Requirements
  • Staffing Basis-of-Estimates Tied to Solicitation Requirements
  • Other Direct Cost Estimates and Pricing
  • Forward Pricing Recommendations
  • In-Person Cost Volume Audit Support